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Product Special Notes Price       Cash or credit
Pre-Picked Apples Basket of apples-- 5 lbs.
All pre picked apples are machine washed for eating and cider.
$5.00 per basket , ($1/lb) or bag
Pre-Picked Pumpkins

Available September & October
Priced according to size (2-40lbs).
Orange & varied color Pumpkins

Varied prices, sizes and colors available.

$2.00 - $14.00


3 for $1 - $4

Pick-your-Own Apples Apples are sold by weight, not by the bushel. $1.00 / lb
Pick-your-Own Pumpkins  Pumpkins are sold by size, not weight. $2.00 - $14.00
Apple Cider Can be purchased in three separate sizes.
Available beginning in mid-September until supplies run out (normally November).
$8.00 / Gallon
$6.00 Half Gallon
$4.00/ Quart
Jam   and Bread and Butter Pickles

Jam Flavors include: Black Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry         

Pickles:  Bread & Butter (sweet)

$5.00 / 1/2 pt. jam /  $6.00 for pint of pickles

Baked Fruit Crisp, apple bars. candies

Available mid-September through October $9.50 crisp,  $5.00 for 4 bars, and prices on candy
Peaches Peaches Sold by basket (available in Sept.) $6.00 a basket  (5 lbs. @$1.20/lb.)
Indian Corn Bundle with ribbon. $4.00 a bundle
Pickles Bread and Butter $6.00/ Pint
Gift Certificate Treat your special someone to their choice of products... a gift basket or certificate: Any Amount
"Harvest" Gift Basket

A nicely wrapped basket with a small pumpkin, gourds, and apples, jam, pickles, candy, Fall baked goods,and Indian corn with a ribbon. Items may vary. Local delivery available.


Picnic Area

Professional photography

Available mid-September through October

Fee for using grounds


$25.00 per sitting

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