Welcome to Gray's Apple Ridge

Open from September to November Open from September to November Hike Photography

We sell apples, pumpkins and gourds, and peaches that are grown on our property. We also make pressed cider with our own press. All apples, and pumpkins are available for retail or pick your own. All of our apple trees are dwarf to allow very easy access during picking. Three year old children often pick their own special apples and pumpkins without their parents help. We also sell jams,pickles, apple crisp, and assorted candies. Tours are available for small groups such as 4-H, FFA, scouts, church youth groups, and both public and private school groups. We do not accept credit cards, but we do accept cash,checks and Venmo. We have hand washing area, sanitizer, and a port-a-potty.

Thanks for coming, and stay healthy and safe!

The story of our orchard starts in 1960, when I started picking apples during high school as a weekend job. After arriving in Jonestown, PA in 1972, I planted 4 apple trees. During the next 20 years, I added approximately 300 dwarf apple trees and numerous peach trees.. Our orchard is presently a self serve facility with approximately 13 varieties, starting the first week in September and ending in November. The cider season starts in mid September and ends in November. Please enjoy our nature trail, which goes by the Swatara Creek. Also check out our friendly beef cows, but keep children away from the fence, which has an electric wire.

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